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You can run your Tor relay on every supported Linux machine that you have SSH access to, be it in your home, a virtual server, or a dedicated server. But not every hoster or ISP allows Tor relays in their network.

NameServer LocationMiddle Node (Relay)Exit NodeBitcoinLink
LinevastGermanyYesNoYesView Page
FlokinetRomania, Iceland, FinlandYesYesYesView Page
YourserverSweden, LatviaYesNoYesView Page
PulseServersCanada, United KingdomYesYesYesView Page
LiteServerNetherlandsYesYesYesView Page
DigitalOceanUnited States, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, IndiaYesNoNoView Page

We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided here. Please check the hoster's terms of service before ordering a server.

Tor Relay Configurator

Be sure to have curl and sudo installed on your system.

Invalid relay name. Must be 1-19 characters long and contain only letters and numbers.
Invalid email address.
Invalid port number. Must be a number between 3000 and 65535.

Installation Command

bash <(curl -sSL --os  --node-type  --relay-name  --contact-info  --or-port  --traffic-limit nolimit --max-bandwidth nolimit --max-burst-bandwidth nolimit --enable-nyx-monitoring true
We do not take any responsibility for the use of this tool. By using our script your relay nickname and bandwidth will be counted in the global statistics panel on the top right. This is anonymous. We only save Bandwidth and Nickname. We do not save any other information.

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